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DBTS: BS1 is the first edition of an ongoing series of mixtapes to be released by Steakhouse Records. It is a collection of demos, bedroom recordings, b-sides, covers, and more from friends, family, and steakholders of David Blaine's The Steakhouse.

Made with love, magic, and meat.



released January 9, 2015

Released by Steakhouse Records, January 2015
Exactly 27:27 worth of good music.

Trace Mountains
Painted Zeros
Chlorine King
Small Wonder
Seiya Jewell
Bethlehem Steel
Jim Hill
Brian Bishop
Cameron Wisch

Curated by Adam Kolodny
Artwork by Adam Kolodny and Dave Medina

Made possible by David Blaine's The Steakhouse; the people who live there, the friends that make it a home, the artists who frequent it, and the community that supports it. Thank you all.

Inspired by and created in the tradition of Shithead: shitheadfvr.bandcamp.com

Hail Blaine.




Steakhouse Records Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Trace Mountains - Bring The Mountain To Me
bring the mountain to me i hear her crying
to cross that river, lie in shade of the trees
and secret places see

to bring some hidden thing to her and
become undone and turn,
lesson learned, let tomorrow burn
but the mountain never sleeps 2x
and the mountain offers me
television and comforting things,
the dream she brings
healthily overdone it seems

(i will) repeat everything, travel, softly sing,
look up to wide eyes to remind me of the sight
until i get it right

some indifferent lesson learned
comes to her in one word
no one will care if the mountain is heard
she can cry to the river but no one sees the
so the mountain offers me
clarity and comforting things
the dream she brings
she can cry to the river but no one seems to see
Track Name: Painted Zeros - Apocalypse (interlude)
Packing bags, making plans, checking train times.
Fighting the monotony of nine to five.
Your job does nothing; you're pushing papers through a roof.
There was never such an exhausted culture or such pointless proof, for we are trapped in our development.
We don't get to choose our time.
We're the only things on earth that fear that we are born to die.
Do you wonder why?
Packing bags, making plans to fill your emptiness inside.
Grieving the small tragedies of our tiny lives.
All I want now is to figure out how to stay alive.
And though I am just one, I refuse to close my eyes.
In this age of information, where all we know is that the world is sick, faith in revolution is replaced by the myth of apocalypse.
Track Name: Chlorine King - Ember
When will I feel right before the alter in my mind?
There's an icy patch between my eyes
And it's thawing out tonight

I'm eroding every day
I blame the creek that's rushing through me
As it meanders and carves
Your name into my heart

And I lose another inch
To an intangible scar
Another empty wish
Hits me like a car
Track Name: Small Wonder - Song For Paul
Two of us, riding nowhere
spending someones
hard earned pay
back home"

I want to be
Paul McCartney
before Sullivan

Back when he
was the sum
of his best friend
it was just the two of them

Track Name: Seiya Jewell - Overthinking
Today I tried to wake up early
I had my alarm set up for 10:30
But I woke up at 12:00
I kind of hate myself

Today I got paid
six-hundred dollars
But most of it went to rent
what a bummer

So who's gonna pay
for all these blue days?
No one else but me
But I'll try to hide it publicly

I know I'm over-thinking
In the end I am still living

Track Name: Bethlehem Steel - One Giant Fuck Machine
i'm sitting in my room
looking at pictures of sixteen
i've gotten pretty good at crying in public without anyone noticing me
why am i the one held together
while everyone around me can scream
i tried to rip out my eyes to give them to those who can't see

i wanted to console her
i was feeling nothing at all
i wanted to be there to hold her
i want to put her head through a wall

i woke up feeling empty and sad
when i realized i was sleeping in his old bed
so i'll put in my insides and feel fine i guess

there are spaces inside me once held by my dead friends
i hate how they feel
Track Name: Jim Hill - Trying
maybe everything's a struggle
even pleasure can be a pain
it can shake you
it can break you
it can drive you insane
put my hand over my eyes
you said you were gonna change
but when I open them back up
I find you still the same

the day we walked up to the corner store
you took my hand
bought a microwave burrito
and a Black and Tan
then we hung out at the jumps
until the sky went black
tried to hit it
but I bit it
broke my Diamondback

you can hide away your troubles
you can swallow the pain
if you can take it
you can fake it
but it's so hard to maintain
I had two feet out the door
when something crossed my mind
if I could leave I could believe
that there's still hope in trying
Track Name: Brian Bishop - Oakland Grade
Only by day,
drive the Oakland Grade.
Only by day,
drive the Oakland Grade.
Only by day,
drive the Oakland Grade.

Winding, unwinding,
I want to trace the ocean's border.
Hill after hill,
valley to valley.

A circus behind me,
My plates scream New York.
No trees on the beach,
No such thing as an ocean shade.

And only by day,
drive the Oakland Grade.
And no blood of ours,
in two weeks time.

Only by day,
drive the Oakland Grade.
Only by day,
drive the Oakland Grade.
Track Name: Cameron Wisch - One From Two
I want to become one
I want to become one from two

You want to become three
You want to become three from me

I want to clean my room
I want to become new

You want to become clean
I'm stuck in the ways I believe

I won't add it up
Track Name: TOTALLY RUINED - White Light Doorway [Florist Cover]
white light doorway here i am in the flesh again
does this make you want to see me here again
i'll shout i'll scream i'll walk back but you'll bring me in
white light doorway please spare me please forgive my sins
golden flowers metal diamonds on the wall
i've not been there i've not been here
please come quick i've stuck my head in the banister again
i slid and pulled and chafed my neck i'm freaking out
please come quick i stuck my head in the banister again
but i just wanted to know what it would feel like
with one part of my body alive

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