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DBTS: BS3 is the third edition of an ongoing compilation series by Steakhouse Records. It is a collection of demos, bedroom recordings, b-sides, and more from the friends, family, and steakholders of David Blaine's The Steakhouse.

Made with love, magic, and meat.

All proceeds from this edition will be donated to Planned Parenthood.


Released by Steakhouse Records, April 2016
Exactly 30:16 worth of good music.

Cadet Kelly
Cold Mouth
Jacob Weingast
Bethlehem Steel
Adir Cohen

Curated by Jim Hill and Adam Kolodny
Artwork by Jim Hill and Adam Kolodny

Made possible by David Blaine's The Steakhouse; the people who live there, the friends that make it a home, the artists who frequent it, and the community that supports it. Thank you all.

Inspired by and created in the tradition of Shithead: shitheadfvr.bandcamp.com

Hail Blaine.


released April 2, 2016




Steakhouse Records Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Jacob Weingast - Sick
a total lapse in thought caused by a lack of oxygen
at 3:21 am naked in my room again
and the figure in the hall is relentless it will win
i won’t try my best to fight it no i will let him in

black hole in the wall tries to take you in your sleep
and you let it take a hold of you and your body to keep
but your body wakes you up and you are stuck for another night
still you feel the strange allure of what happens on the other side

know that you can’t fight it
you just let it in

there is no comfort in sleep anymore
i wanted to feel at peace
Track Name: Adir L.C. - My Time
Well I wouldn't mind spending my life building pedestals
Taking my time, remembering the days when the goal was good
Heaven in mud, waiting to dry up in the summer shine
If hell got a hold, I don't know what I could do with my time

As sweet as that breeze that blows through your hair as your mind runs wild
Take it from me, the fruits of our labor will ripen and die
If you stay green - I don't know what you would do with your time
Track Name: Mups - Noctambulant
what do you want,
you lead me on with false hopes and fake ambition
i don't want to play music seats
but this is what you've told me from the beginning

lost in your own maze, how far will you go
if you're always in a haze you'll never see
that you're standing still like a doll with its hands out
and its rosy cheeks, can you speak? did you blink?

what do you want, you lead me on
to the bottom of your misery, you've stolen me
my time's not something you can keep
locked to your chest with the rest of your defeats

i couldn't sleep last night
my dreams rolled down my face
Track Name: Slanted - Opening Number
Ramona just bit

And passed out downstairs

My face in the wall

I’m drowned in it all

I Smashed through the door

And into your hands

"You smiled and looked down

You’re feelin left out”, but

I feel everyone

Your fuzz is still on

The basement is thick

I hear them upstairs

And Pylon is sick

Just rows on the couch

You still feel left out

Drink mango in cans

And sleep if I can, but

I feel everyone

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